The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing

The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing. When it comes to the BMW 5 Series of 2025, the M5 with 600 horsepower is the one that all the attention is focused on. Things have been like that for many years. It is widely considered to be one of the best sports sedans in the world, and aficionados have a strong preference for the M5 with all-wheel drive. In terms of sales, the majority of people in the United States who purchase a new BMW 5 Series do not choose for an M5.

This morning, we are going to have a look at the 2025 BMW 540i, which is one of the most popular models in the broad array of the 5 Series. Despite the fact that it does not have 600 horsepower like the M5, the turbocharged 540i is an extremely powerful vehicle in its own right. Furthermore, it provides the luxury, refinement, and day-to-day comfort that the majority of purchasers are searching for. The 540i is a genuine sports sedan that follows in the footsteps of BMW, and it ought to garner more attention than it actually does. In a category that also includes the Mercedes-Benz E 450, Audi A6, and Lexus GS, it has been a commercially successful product.

The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing

2025 BMW 540i Performance can be adjusted in three different modes.

Using a button on the console, drivers have the ability to pick from three different driving modes to accommodate their mood as well as the conditions they are driving in. Although it improves the sedan’s responsiveness and performance, Eco Pro reduces its fuel economy to its maximum potential. In Comfort mode, the 540i maintains its responsiveness; nevertheless, it has a more relaxed gait and a smooth ride, giving it the impression of a classic luxury sedan rather than a sports car. The response of the eight-speed automatic transmission is far more mellow, despite the fact that the engine is not any less powerful. It does not show as much enthusiasm for delivering a downshift in order to generate a surge of power, and its gear changes become so seamless that they are nearly impossible to perceive.

When you switch to the Sport mode, the suspension of the sedan will become somewhat more rigid. While the ride continues to be smooth, the 540i suddenly gives off the impression that it is prepared to play. Additionally, the steering is made more weighty and the throttle is made more sensitive while the vehicle is in sport mode. Additionally, the transmission comes to life, allowing it to maintain ratios for longer and delivering more forceful gear shifts. When the paddle shifters are used, the rpm on the downshifts are properly matched because of this.

2025 BMW 540i Both Expensive and Powerful

In 2025, BMW has increased the price of the most of their 5 Series vehicles by a total of $500. It is now possible to purchase a rear-wheel drive 2025 BMW 540i for a basic price of $60,445, which includes a destination charge of $995. There is a difference of approximately $500 between this and a 2025 Mercedes E 450, which comes standard with all-wheel drive. It costs approximately $62,745 to purchase a 540i xDrive with all-wheel drive, which is approximately $5,000 more than the 530i xDrive, which is a less powerful model.

The 340i and a few other BMW models, notably the beautiful new two-seat Z4 roadster, are powered by the same smooth 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that is housed beneath its aluminium bonnet. This engine is officially rated to produce 335 horsepower and 331 pound-feet of torque in the 540i. It is generally acknowledged within the enthusiast community that the output of BMW’s six-cylinder engine is much underappreciated, despite the fact that this is a significantly lower amount of power than what is available in the Mercedes E 450. The engine is thought to produce closer to 400 horsepower by many people. In addition, each and every 540i comes equipped with a sport mode that allows for improved responsiveness and a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission that features paddle shifters.

The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing

2025 BMW 540i: Experience the thrills of rapid acceleration

This sedan packs a powerful punch right out of the gate thanks to all of that power and the traction that the 540i’s xDrive all-wheel drive technology makes available. Even at a half-throttle speed, the 540i won’t let you move from your seat. The full throttle is similar to the Hyperdrive mode, or for those of you who are fans of “Knight Rider,” it is the Turbo Boost button. The engine’s tremendous bottom-end torque and smooth high-rpm horsepower are displayed as the 540i accelerates down the road, demonstrating the capability of the engine. The eight-speed automatic transmission is capable of producing powerful upshifts when the throttle is wide open, and its excellent gearing ensures that the acceleration continues without interruption. As long as you maintain your footing, the 540i will eventually reach 155 miles per hour.

BMW claims that the 540i can reach 60 miles per hour in just 4.6 seconds when equipped with all-wheel drive. This is a few tenths of a second faster than the variant that is equipped with rear-wheel drive. It is quicker than the Mercedes, and it is more than a second quicker than an all-wheel drive 530i, despite the fact that it is a full second slower than the M550i, which is powered by a V8 engine.

Stable and Safe Handling of Devices

However, the all-wheel drive system of the 2025 BMW 540i does not include a mode that allows for rear-wheel drive, in contrast to the M5’s system. It won’t be missed by you. The 540i gives the impression that it is rear-wheel drive the most of the time, even when traversing tight curves. You would never know that it is also being driven by its front tyres because it turns so smoothly and is so sensitive. Additionally, there are no out of the ordinary feelings that you experience through the steering wheel. You are going to find that the road provides an extraordinary level of grip, which is precisely what you are looking for.

In order to improve the sedan’s ability to turn corners, our test vehicle was fitted with the Dynamic Handling Package, which enhances the sedan’s cornering capabilities by adding active roll stabilisation and self-adjusting shocks. Even while cornering at a high rate of speed, there is very little body roll, but the steering feel is not as excellent as it was in some of the BMWs that we have owned in the past. Nevertheless, the steering reaction is of an extraordinary quality. The 540i also possesses an incredible level of stability at high speeds. At any speed, the 18-inch tyres give the impression that it is locked in. The M Sport brakes on our test vehicle, which are adorned with blue callipers with the M emblem, were another feature that left an impression on us. They are sturdy, they provide sufficient feel, and they have a hard pedal, and even more interestingly, they are an economical alternative, coming in at just $650.

The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing

2025 BMW 540i: An Interior That Is Extremely Comfortable

The moment you open the door of the 540i, you are going to be pleased with what you look at. In spite of the fact that it is contemporary and features a great deal of technology, the cabin is cosy and welcoming. Some people may be dissatisfied with the fact that it lacks some of the visual candy and concept-car trickery that are available in the Mercedes E-Class and the Audi A6, but we prefer the more classic appearance of the BMW. There is little doubt that it will prevent the interior from becoming dated in a few years.

The inside materials of the 540i are of an extraordinary quality, and the vehicle’s construction is extremely attractive. It is as well-fitted and finished as automobiles can get. The chairs have a hard feel, yet they are also incredibly comfy and well-bolstered. The amount of space available in the rear seats is about normal for its class, and three people can fit across the backseat just well. The new digital instrument cluster that BMW has introduced is a little too crowded, and it takes a few days to get used to the anticlockwise sweep of its tachometer needle. Other than that, the inside of the 540i is ergonomically sound and enjoyably luxurious. Either the enormous touchscreen or the massive dial and buttons on the console can be used to manage the most recent version of BMW’s infotainment system. Both options are highly user-friendly. Wi-Fi connectivity is included as standard.

Plenty of Room for Storing Things

Moreover, the interior of the BMW is equipped with a substantial amount of storage space. on the cabin of the 540i, there is a spacious door pocket and a large bin located on the centre console. Although it has two front cupholders, Big Gulp does not approve of them. Because they are quite small and located in a questionable position forward of the shifter, beverages that are particularly tall have the potential to interfere with or obstruct the climate controls.

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Space in the trunk is still another significant advantage. The Mercedes E-Class and the Audi A6 both have trunks that are significantly smaller than the trunk of the 2025 BMW 540i, which has a cargo volume of 18.7 cubic feet. Not only does the rear seat of the BMW fold up to increase that space, but it also has a split size of 40/20/40. The Convenience Package includes heated front seats, satellite radio, and a power-operated trunk lid. Additionally, the package includes rear-view mirrors.

New and Improved Safety Systems

When it comes to the 2025 540i, BMW does provide a comprehensive list of high-tech safety features. The fact that some of these are choices that come with additional costs is startling when one considers the base price of $62,000. A frontal collision warning with low-speed forward collision mitigation, a lane-departure warning, active blind-spot recognition, a rear cross-traffic alert, and daytime pedestrian detection that alerts you if vehicles and pedestrians are in your path are all standard features that come standard on every 540i.

An additional standard feature is BMW’s Active Protection System. In the event that it identifies the possibility of an accident, it will automatically pretension the seat belts, close the windows and the sunroof, and activate post-crash braking, all of which are designed to prevent a subsequent collision from occurring. There is an additional fee for parking sensors and active cruise control. A Top Safety Pick+ rating has been bestowed upon the BMW 5 Series by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is the most prestigious award that the organisation can bestow.

The Upcoming 2025 BMW 540i Review, Release Date, and Refreshing

Surprisingly low fuel consumption

The fuel efficiency of the 540i is far better than the average for this class. The estimations provided by the EPA for fuel efficiency are 21 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the interstate either with or without all-wheel drive. Even if the turbocharged engine in the BMW requires more expensive premium fuel, this is still an outstanding achievement when taking into consideration the incredible performance of the car. The Mercedes-Benz E 450, on the other hand, is rated to achieve 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 miles per gallon on the highway, both while using premium fuel.

There is a significant difference in the amount of fuel efficiency between the six-cylinder 540i and the entry-level BMW 530i, which is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine system. In the city, the 530i achieves 24 miles per gallon, but on the interstate, it achieves 34 miles per gallon. Although BMW has stopped producing the diesel-powered 540d, the plug-in hybrid 530e, which is the most fuel-efficient model in the 5 Series lineup, is still available to customers.

2025 BMW 540i: Just a Wonderful Luxury Sedan to Drive

Over the past several years, BMW has been receiving criticism from members of the media who are passionate about automobiles for the fact that the automobiles they produce are not nearly as sporty as they were in the past. These critics assert that BMW has lost its competitive edge, that its automobiles have become too luxury and comfy, and that the lavishness of these automobiles has come at the expense of their performance and sensory experience.

To a certain extent and in certain circumstances, that is accurate. In every respect, the BMW 540i of 2025 is a triumph. It fills all of the requirements. When you want it to be, it serves as a wonderful and pampering experience. In addition, when you put your foot down and fling it into a sequence of corners, it performs like a genuine sports sedan. The 540i is a good option to consider if you are searching for a four-door vehicle that is both elegant and enjoyable to drive.